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Putin: Russia will have Shtokman despite crisis
Media/News, Offshore Extractive Industries, Russia, All
2010-12-19 Web
Putin: Russia open for dialogue on Arctic problems
Media/News, Russia, All
2010-12-19 Web
Russia drafts law on Northern Sea Route
Media/News, Shipping, Russia, All
2010-12-19 Web
Arctic and small island nations join forces against climate change
2010-12-19 Web
Ottawa quietly opens protected Arctic wilderness to proposed mining
Media/News, Extractive Industries, Canada, All
2010-12-19 Web
What does the future hold for the Inuit people of Baffin Island?
Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-12-16 Web
Fisheries and First Nations
Fisheries, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, Education, All, All
2010-11-18 PDF
Canada's Statement of Support on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Arctic Nation States, Canada, All
2010-11-14 Web
The Siberian Energy Rush
Offshore Extractive Industries, Extractive Industries, Russia, Blogs/op-eds, All, All, All
2010-11-05 Web
A "Made in the North" vision for a university in the North
Knowledge and Education, Canada, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, Education, All
Nunavik Inuit and the Nunavik Region: Past, Present and Future
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Canada, All
2010-11-01 PDF
High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment (Fram Centre)
Knowledge and Education, Norway, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, Education, All
2010-10-15 Web
Impacts of Environmental Change in the Canadian Coastal Arctic: A Compendium of Research Conducted during ArcticNet Phase I (2004-2008)
Knowledge and Education, Canada, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, Education, All
2010-10-11 Web
Conference Statement: Ninth Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region, September 2010
Arctic Parliamentarians, All
2010-09-20 PDF
Barents Monitoring
Sub-National Governments, Russia, All
2010-09-07 Web
International Arctic Conference. Geopolitical Issues and Equations in the 21st Century
Non-Governmental Organizations, All
2010-09-07 Web
The future history of the Arctic is now
Sub-National Governments, Shipping, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-09-02 Web
Arctic Tipping Points 23-29 January 2011
Knowledge and Education, All
2010-08-30 Web
Disaster at the Top of the World
Marine, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-08-23 Web
The Arctic
Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-08-19 Web
Implementing the Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines in the United States and Canada
Academic Writings, Offshore Extractive Industries, Canada, United States, All
2010-08-16 Web
Is it high time for a tough Arctic treaty? Debate rages over whether 'soft-law' approach can cope with hard issues of sovereignty that lie ahead
Marine, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-08-16 Web
Will the Arctic Oil Rush Be Spoiled By a Spill?
Offshore Extractive Industries, Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-08-03 Web
Troubled Arctic waters
Canada, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-07-02 Web
Canada's Sovereignty in the Arctic: An Inuit Perspective
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Canada, All
2010-06-28 PDF
EPPR Meeting in Vorkuta
Intergovernmental Organizations, Russia, All
2010-06-24 Web
At 66 degrees north, change is afoot: A six-part series on the Arctic region
Academic Writings, All
2010-06-19 Web
Finland Proposes Arctic Council Summit
Media/News, Finland, All
2010-06-17 Web
Governance in the Arctic - Sharing Best Practises - Indigenous Peoples
Academic Writings, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, All
2010-06-15 PDF
Arctic Social Indicators - a follow-up to the Arctic Human Development Report
Academic Writings, All
2010-06-11 PDF
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