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Sami Statistics 2010
Marine, Sub-National Governments, Academic Writings, Terrestrial, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Norway, All
2010-06-09 Web
The Political Economy of Northern Regional Development
Sub-National Governments, Academic Writings, All
2010-06-09 Web
The Arctic in Play: Governance in a Time of Rapid Change
Academic Writings, Governance Systems, All
2010-06-09 PDF
Intergovernmental Organizations, Marine, Non-Governmental Organizations, Terrestrial, Shipping, Science, All
2010-06-08 Web
Finland’s strategy for the Arctic region drafted
Media/News, Arctic Nation States, Finland, All
2010-06-07 Web PDF
NorthNorway European Office
Sub-National Governments, Non-Arctic Nation States, Norway, All
2010-06-07 Web
Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010. Selected indicators of change
Academic Writings, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, All
2010-06-02 Web
The Arctic: China Opens a New Strategic Front
Non-Arctic Nation States, Blogs/op-eds
2010-05-20 Web
Who’s in charge of Arctic policy?
United States, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-05-11 Web
A Valdez Reporter on Gushing Gulf Oil
Offshore Extractive Industries, Pollution, United States, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-05-11 Web
The Dene-Yeniseian Connection
Academic Writings, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Traditional Knowledge Projects, All
2010-05-07 PDF
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: Advancing the geoengineering debate at the Arctic Council
Academic Writings, All
2010-05-07 Web
Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Arctic Communities: Preliminary Comparative Results from the IPY CAVIAR Project
Academic Writings, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, All
2010-04-27 Web
Report on indigenous fishing rights in the seas with case studies from Australia and Norway
Academic Writings, Fisheries, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Norway, All
2010-04-26 PDF
Northern Exposures
Academic Writings, United States, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-04-24 Web
Arctic energy resources - curse or blessing?
Academic Writings, Offshore Extractive Industries, Extractive Industries, Science, All
2010-04-24 PDF
Achieving a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
Non-Governmental Organizations, All
2010-04-21 PDF
Climate change intersects with Inuit land claims agreements
Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-04-20 Web
Ray of hope flickers before nuclear midnight
Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-04-20 Web
Kaldt kappløp (Cold race)
Video, Media/News, Offshore Extractive Industries, Fisheries, Extractive Industries, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Arctic Nation States, Misc (all)
2010-04-14 Web
Scientists turn to Inuit traditions to collect data on Arctic weather
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-04-14 Web
Shifting the OCS season. Ion wants to use under-ice techniques to do seismic survey late in the year
Media/News, Offshore Extractive Industries, Canada, United States
2010-04-14 Web
Historic Meeting of North American Athabaskan People and the Ket People of Siberian Russia
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Traditional Knowledge Projects, All
2010-04-10 PDF Web
Charles Emmerson on the Future History of the Arctic
Academic Writings, All
2010-04-05 Web
Ridding the Arctic of Nuclear Weapons. A Task Long Overdue
Academic Writings, All
2010-04-01 PDF
An Initial Estimate of the Costs of Lost Climate Regulation Services due to Changes in the Arctic Cryosphere
Academic Writings, United States
2010-03-30 PDF
Clinton rebukes Canada on Arctic meeting
Media/News, Canada, United States, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-03-30 Web
China is coming to the Arctic
Non-Arctic Nation States, Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Norway, Russia, United States, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-03-29 Web
Axworthy: Canada bypasses key players in Arctic meeting
Canada, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-03-29 Web
A Proposal for an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone
Academic Writings, All
2010-03-29 PDF
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