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U.S. Collaborates with Arctic Coastal States to Improve Nautical Charts
Marine, Arctic Nation States, United States, All
2010-10-08 Web
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin addresses the international forum "The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue"
Arctic Nation States, Russia, All
2010-09-28 Web
International Arctic Forum in Russia “The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue”
Arctic Nation States, Russia, All
2010-09-23 Web
Conference Statement: Ninth Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region, September 2010
Arctic Parliamentarians, All
2010-09-20 PDF
Barents Monitoring
Sub-National Governments, Russia, All
2010-09-07 Web
International Arctic Conference. Geopolitical Issues and Equations in the 21st Century
Non-Governmental Organizations, All
2010-09-07 Web
The future history of the Arctic is now
Sub-National Governments, Shipping, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-09-02 Web
Speech by the Norwegian Foreign Minister at the China Institute of International Studies
Arctic Nation States, Non-Arctic Nation States, Norway, All
2010-08-31 Web
Arctic Tipping Points 23-29 January 2011
Knowledge and Education, All
2010-08-30 Web
Disaster at the Top of the World
Marine, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-08-23 Web
Canada's Arctic Foreign Policy
National Agreements, Canada, All
2010-08-22 PDF Web
The Arctic
Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-08-19 Web
Implementing the Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines in the United States and Canada
Academic Writings, Offshore Extractive Industries, Canada, United States, All
2010-08-16 Web
Is it high time for a tough Arctic treaty? Debate rages over whether 'soft-law' approach can cope with hard issues of sovereignty that lie ahead
Marine, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-08-16 Web
State of the Arctic Coast 2010. Scientific Review and Outlook
Marine, Science, All
2010-08-03 Web
Will the Arctic Oil Rush Be Spoiled By a Spill?
Offshore Extractive Industries, Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-08-03 Web
The Governance of Adaptation to Climate Change: Taking Stock and Providing Guidance
Science, All
2010-07-13 Web
Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress
Marine, United States, All
2010-07-13 Web
Will the Arctic Oil Rush Be Spoiled By a Spill?
Offshore Extractive Industries, Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-08-03 Web
Law of Sea Implications for Gulf Spill
Global Agreements, Marine, All
2010-07-08 Web
Norwegian Arctic and High North Policy. Opportunities and Challenges
Arctic Nation States, Norway, All
2010-07-02 Web
Concluding address: The International Polar Year
Arctic Nation States, Norway, All
2010-07-02 Web
Troubled Arctic waters
Canada, Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-07-02 Web
Canada's Sovereignty in the Arctic: An Inuit Perspective
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Canada, All
2010-06-28 PDF
Stakeholder seminar in Berlin
Marine, Non-Arctic Nation States, All
2010-06-24 Web
EPPR Meeting in Vorkuta
Intergovernmental Organizations, Russia, All
2010-06-24 Web
Об утверждении комплекса мер по снижению и предотвращению негативного воздействия на окружающую среду арктической зоны Российской Федер
2010-06-21 PDF
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