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January Symposium - Now is the Time for an Arctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone

The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation in partnership with the Munk School of Global Affairs invites you to attend the Arctic Security Symposium

This symposium, presented by Dr. Adele Buckley, examines the potential role of an Arctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (ANWFZ) as an element of elimination of nuclear weapons. In the Arctic, two major problems of our time—climate change and nuclear weapons—have created exceptional opportunities for co-operation or conflict. Pressure from many, including the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, to abolish nuclear weapons supports the impetus to eliminate them north of the Arctic Circle, notwithstanding the presence of two nuclear weapons states bordering the Arctic Ocean. The climate change induced opening of the Arctic with its great upheavals in the way of life and business, tells us that “now is the time” for the ANWFZ. The Government of Canada, the Nordic country governments and the Arctic Council are all potential champions for beginning negotiations on an Arctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone treaty.