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Agreement on Cooperation on Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue in the Arctic
Arctic Region Agreements, Shipping, English, Pollution, Arctic Nation States, Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, United States, All, All
The Itelmen of Kamchatka. Too far to RIO
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Rivers, Russia, All, All
2012-10-26 PDF
10th Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region: Conference Statement
Arctic Parliamentarians, All
2012-09-17 PDF
Indigenous peoples of the Russian Arctic. Some aspects of economy, subsistence and climate change.
Academic Writings, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Russia, All
2012-07-06 PDF
Social Indicators for Arctic Mining
Academic Writings, Extractive Industries, All, All
2012-07-06 PDF
Arctic Russia: Minerals and Mineral Resources
Academic Writings, Extractive Industries, Russia, All, All
2012-07-06 Web
Who Owns the Arctic?
Marine, Media/News, Terrestrial, Extractive Industries, All, All, All
2012-07-06 Web
Arctic Opening: Opportunity and Risk in the High North
Marine, Academic Writings, Terrestrial, Governance Systems, Offshore Extractive Industries, Fisheries, Shipping, Extractive Industries, All, All, All
2012-07-04 PDF
The melting north
Media/News, All
2012-06-25 Web
Nunavut, Greenland and the politics of resource revenues
Sub-National Governments, Academic Writings, Canada, Denmark/Greenland, All
2011-11-07 PDF
Kingdom of Denmark: Strategy for the Arctic 2011– 2020
Arctic Nation States, Denmark/Greenland, All
2011-08-25 PDF Web
Linking Inuit Knowledge and Scientific Understaning of Environmental Change: A Case Study in Wind Observations
Knowledge and Education, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Traditional Knowledge Projects, All
2011-06-03 Web
Nuuk Declaration. The Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council
Arctic Region Agreements, Soft law, All
2011-05-26 PDF
Polar Imperative. A History of Arctic Sovereignty In North America
Academic Writings, Canada, United States, All
2011-05-25 Web
The Race for Arctic Energy Resources
Extractive Industries, Blogs/op-eds, All
2011-04-13 Web
NOAA's Arctic Vision and Strategy
Marine, Atmospheric, All
2011-03-30 PDF
Arctic resources. Now it's their turn. The Inuit prepare to defend their rights
Media/News, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, All
2011-03-22 Web
Sweden: Statement of Government Policy in the Parliamentary Debate on Foreign Affairs
Sweden, All
2011-02-24 PDF
OSPAR E-Newsletter issue 5
Marine, Sub-Arctic Region Agreements, Arctic Nation States, Non-Arctic Nation States, All
2011-02-16 Web
Управление в Арктике в эпоху трансформации:Основные проблемы, принципы управления и перспективы
Russian, All
2011-02-16 PDF
ICC set to meet on resource development
Media/News, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, All
2011-02-10 Web
Inuvialuit Final Agreement
Sub-National Agreements, Binding, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Canada, All
2011-02-04 Web PDF
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA)
Sub-National Agreements, Binding, United States, All
2011-02-04 Web
U.S.-Russia Polar Bear Agreement
Sub-Arctic Region Agreements, National Agreements, Binding, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Russia, United States, All
2011-02-04 PDF Web
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