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Oil and Gas Exploitation on Arctic Indigenous Peoples’ Territories

Gáldu Čála – Journal of Indigenous Peoples Rights No. 4/2006: Rune S. Fjellheim and John B. Henriksen

The article “Arctic Oil and Gas – Corporate Social Responsibility” discusses the responsibilities
of the industrial operators in the Arctic. The Arctic holds 25% of the known
remaining global Oil and Gas resources. Industrial development in the Arctic poses serious
environmental and Human Rights challenges. It is one of the most pristine and vulnerable
ecosystems in the world and the home of 40-50 distinct Indigenous Peoples. The
author shows examples of Corporate Policies designed to address their responsibilities
relating to Indigenous Peoples, and discusses the difficulties in turning corporate policies
into practice.
The article entitled “Oil and Gas Operations in Indigenous Peoples’ Lands and Territories
in the Arctic: A Human Rights Perspective” – written by Mr. John B. Henriksen
– elaborates on the international human rights protection accorded to indigenous lands
and resource rights, with particular reference to oil and gas exploration