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The Arctic Governance Compendium


In order to address basic issues on Arctic Governance, the AGP has assembled and evaluated a wide range of governance proposals through the construction of an electronic Arctic Governance Compendium that is accessible to the public.

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Derived from a variety of sources, the proposals range in substance from calls for the creation of entirely new governance systems to plans for the reform of existing systems. The proposals in the Compendium explore approaches to governance that are essential to maintaining sustainable development under the changing conditions prevailing in the Arctic today and likely to unfold in the foreseeable future. The Arctic Governance Compendium will compile existing agreements and new proposals, highlighting important contrasts between the two. Compendium users will be able to locate existing or proposed arrangements by (i) governance type (e.g. international convention or treaty, regional agreement, national law, local ordinance), (ii) subject matter (e.g. fish, shipping, pollution) and (iii) source (e.g. regional governments, indigenous peoples’ organizations, environmental NGOs, independent scholars).

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