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Putin: Russia will have Shtokman despite crisis
Media/News, Offshore Extractive Industries, Russia, All
2010-12-19 Web
Putin: Russia open for dialogue on Arctic problems
Media/News, Russia, All
2010-12-19 Web
Russia drafts law on Northern Sea Route
Media/News, Shipping, Russia, All
2010-12-19 Web
Arctic and small island nations join forces against climate change
2010-12-19 Web
Ottawa quietly opens protected Arctic wilderness to proposed mining
Media/News, Extractive Industries, Canada, All
2010-12-19 Web
Global Climate Governance Beyond 2012: Architecture, Agency and Adaptation
Science, All
2010-12-19 Web
What does the future hold for the Inuit people of Baffin Island?
Blogs/op-eds, All
2010-12-16 Web
Берингов прорыв (The Bering breakthrough)
Russia, United States
2010-12-07 Web
Россия идет Северным путем (Russia takes the Northern route)
Shipping, Russia
2010-12-07 Web
Fisheries and First Nations
Fisheries, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, Education, All, All
2010-11-18 PDF
Canada's Statement of Support on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Arctic Nation States, Canada, All
2010-11-14 Web
Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues
United States, All
2010-11-09 PDF
Arctic Report Card: Update for 2010
Science, All
2010-11-07 Web
Protecting Arctic Biodiversity: Limitations and strengths of environmental agreements
Global Agreements, All, All
2010-11-05 Web
The Siberian Energy Rush
Offshore Extractive Industries, Extractive Industries, Russia, Blogs/op-eds, All, All, All
2010-11-05 Web
A "Made in the North" vision for a university in the North
Knowledge and Education, Canada, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, Education, All
Nunavik Inuit and the Nunavik Region: Past, Present and Future
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Canada, All
2010-11-01 PDF
Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment
Shipping, United States, All
2010-10-30 Web
The Northern Dimension. Ministerial Meeting in Oslo 2 November 2010
Norway, All
2010-10-26 Web
Witness the Arctic
Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, All
2010-10-26 Web
The Challenges of Oil Spill Response in the Arctic (Draft Staff Working Paper, National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling)
Marine, Pollution, United States, All
2010-10-15 Web
High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment (Fram Centre)
Knowledge and Education, Norway, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, Education, All
2010-10-15 Web
Impacts of Environmental Change in the Canadian Coastal Arctic: A Compendium of Research Conducted during ArcticNet Phase I (2004-2008)
Knowledge and Education, Canada, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, Education, All
2010-10-11 Web
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