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Murkowski Remarks to Arctic Parliamentarians Group
Video, Arctic Parliamentarians, Arctic Nation States, United States, All, Misc (all)
2010-03-23 Web PDF
The High North: Challenge and Opportunities
Academic Writings, All
2010-03-22 PDF Web
Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - CICERO
Knowledge and Education, Norway, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science
2010-03-18 Web
Conference on Climate Change in the Barents Region
Sub-Arctic Region Agreements, Academic Writings, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science
2010-03-18 PDF
US Security Policy in the European Arctic in the Early 21st Century
Academic Writings, All
2010-03-18 PDF
The New Geopolitics of the High North
Academic Writings, All
2010-03-17 PDF
Arctic security – zero sum or working together?
Academic Writings, All
2010-03-17 PDF
The New Arctic World Order
2010-03-16 Web
Survey Report from the Joint Norwegian/Russian Ecosystem Survey in the Barents Sea
Marine, Academic Writings, Fisheries, Norway, Russia, Science
2010-03-11 PDF Web
The Atlantic Community running a theme week on POLAR POLITICS
Non-Governmental Organizations, Academic Writings
Monitoring of Development of Traditional Indigenous Land Use Areas in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Northwest Russia
Land Mammals, Extractive Industries, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Pollution, Russia, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science, All
2010-03-05 Web
China prepares for an ice-free Arctic
Academic Writings, Shipping, Non-Arctic Nation States
2010-03-01 PDF
Arctic Athabaskan Council
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Canada, All
2010-02-12 Web
Arctic Athabaskan Council Calls Upon the Ministers of Foreign Affairs to Include Arctic Indigenous Peoples in Arctic Summit
Indigenous Peoples Organizations
2010-02-12 PDF
North Slope Borough
Sub-National Agreements, Sub-National Governments, Indigenous Peoples Organizations
2010-02-10 Web
Gwich'in Traditional government
Video, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Misc (all)
2010-02-10 Web
Governance in Canada’s Northwest Territories: Emerging Institutions and Governance Issues
Sub-National Governments, Academic Writings, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Canada
2010-02-10 PDF
Makivik Corporation
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Canada
2010-02-09 Web
Global Security, Climate Change, and the Arctic
Academic Writings, United States, All
2010-02-01 Web
Making the Declaration Work. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Global Agreements, Soft law, Academic Writings, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Traditional Knowledge Projects, All, All
2010-01-30 Web
High resilience in the Yamal-Nenets social–ecological system, West Siberian Arctic, Russia
Land Mammals, Extractive Industries, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Russia
2010-01-29 Web
Common concern for the arctic. Conference arranged by the Nordic Council of Ministers 9-10 September 2008, Ilulissat, Greenland
Intergovernmental Organizations
2010-01-15 Web
The European Union and the Arctic. Policies and actions
Intergovernmental Organizations
2010-01-15 Web
Filling an Arctic Gap: Legal and Regulatory Possibilities for Canadian-U.S. Cooperation in the Beaufort Sea
Marine, Academic Writings, Canada, United States
2010-01-06 PDF
The Northern Forum
Arctic Region Agreements, Sub-National Agreements, Soft law, Sub-National Governments, Governance Systems, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Russia, United States, All
The Barents Euro-Arctic Region
Sub-Arctic Region Agreements, Sub-National Governments, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, All
2009-12-31 Web
The draft Nordic Saami Convention
Governance Systems, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Arctic Nation States, Finland, Norway, Sweden, All
Arctic Human Development Report
Academic Writings, Arctic Nation States
2009-12-22 Web
Alaska Native Science Commission
Indigenous Peoples Organizations, United States, Traditional Knowledge Projects, Science
2009-12-21 Web
Indigenous Governance in the Arctic
Academic Writings, Indigenous Peoples Organizations, Traditional Knowledge Projects
2009-12-21 PDF
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